Capitol Hill is home to over 4,000 residents. As a community with close proximity to the inner city, Capitol Hill is diverse and lively, and is also seeing much urban transition in both demographics of our residents as well as new densification developments (both residential and commercial).

Close to SAIT, AUOA, and U of C, as well as to downtown, Capitol Hill has always had a high percentage of renters and seniors, but as more and more families take root, Capitol Hill Community Association has set its sights on providing an inclusive, family-friendly atmosphere to be representative of the new, diverse demographic make-up of the neighbourhood.

Our Mission: To connect and engage residents through programs and services, fostering a sense of belonging. Our association is forward-thinking and promotes growth by advocating on behalf of community residents ad partners.

Our Vision: A connected, walkable place that is safe and welcoming.

Our Values: Inclusive, sustainable, transparent, progressive, compliant with rules and regulations to all governing bodies

The Capitol Hill Community Association, or CHCA for short is a volunteer run organization, run by community residents. We see our organization playing a key role in creating a culture of inclusivity, familiarity and progressiveness where neighbours feel connected and included in the shaping of our community’s future.

Get involved, and join us in continuing to make Capitol Hill a vibrant and inclusive community!

Come out to a social event, sign up to learn a new skill at one of our workshops or programs, join one of our committees, volunteer your time to help out with an event, or share your skills and passions by organizing a workshop, or club at our community centre. 

Please see below for CHCA Bylaws.