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Please see the below most asked questions. If there is something you don’t see, please let us know and we will update from time to time.

  • How do I rent a space?

We don’t hold spaces until we have a deposit paid to secure the space and a contract signed – currently, contracts have to be signed in person. You can call the office line or send an email – both are below at the end of this FAQ. The deposit depends on the room requested. Usually deposit is paid first and the rental portion is paid 1 month prior to the event. If your event is a week away from when you want, full payment and deposit can be paid.

  • How do I pay?

We take credit card and cheques. For more info on how to do this, please contact –

  • When do I get my damage deposit back?

Your deposit will come back based 100% - if you have followed the guidelines, 1 week later if paid by credit card and 1 month later if by cheques – the latter is due to our cheques being cut once a month. 

  • What if I have to cancel?

We need 4 weeks notice in writing – by email to cancel and refund all the money you paid. If 3 weeks, we keep $75 from deposit. I decide on a case by case basis, but this is the general rule. 

  • I want to have a party with alcohol. What do I need?

Anyone that wants to have alcohol must obtain a liquor licence on line from the AGLC – either a resale – selling drinks, or non-sell, providing drinks to your guests. You must also obtain liability insurance. This covers your event and is recommended by the Federation of Calgary Communities, AGLC and Toole Peet. This insurance can be obtained through PAL Canada online, or another insurance provider that can give special event licencing. 

  • Do I need security if I have a party with alcohol?

Yes. You can either go through a security firm or have 2 or more members of your party who do not drink and they are there to help with any incidents during your event and to make sure that people leave safety as well as making sure that only your guests are in the facility and not random people popping in.

  • Can I decorate?

Yes you can. If you are wishing to decorate table tops, you must cover the tables with cloths or paper table cloths. If you wish to put up items on the walls, only masking tape and painters tape is allowed.

No candles, incense vapor type machines, flames are allowed in the facility. Battery operated candles are fine as are flowers – but they must be taken with you at the end of your event.

  • How late can I stay?

Evening weekend rentals Friday and Saturday, can book our evening until 1am. Renter must be finished and out by 1am, so cleaners can come in. We only rent until 10pm on Sunday nights and week nights until 9.30.

  • Why do I pay for cleaning?

All one-off events are to pay a cleaning fee. As much as we know some of you wish to do your own cleaning, it would take up to 1 to 1 ½ hours to clean properly as the washrooms take a long time and all the floors and room must be cleaned. We expect only you to clear any mess such as spills on the floor during your event to mop up for safety and take out food, garbage, recycling and compost at the end of your event to the area where our bins are kept.

  • Can a children’s party have art and crafts materials and a bouncy castle?

We are happy to find out what type of materials you wish to bring. We do not allow play doh, glitter, sand or rice. Painting is fine as long as you have all the materials to cover tables, floors and covers for children. Please ask at time of booking. As for bouncy castles, we can have a very small one under 10ft in the facility. If you wish to put one outside, please ask at the time of booking to see if space is available.

  • I’m getting married and want to use the community garden to get married/0r have photos taken. What do I need to do?

You must ask in writing, as we must check the community garden folks are aware. Almost always, they are happy to share the space.

  • Am I able to leave items in the facility for example the night before – if I am having a wedding for example?

Rentals are able to decorate the night before providing there is no other rental occurring. There is a fee and a maximum of 2 hours. Items such as cold foods and soft drinks will be allowed in the fridge the night before but no alcohol or any items of value.

  • Am I allowed to drink outside on the grass or have a beer tent. Can I have a food truck?

The space that the community leases will be outlined by the facility manager. Anyone wishing to have a beer tent outside must obtain a permit from the city or contact the AGLC to find out the requirements. As for food trucks, we will allow, providing they are on the parking pads of the leased space and not on the main street.

  • Can I play music late?

We want you to enjoy your event. Music must be turned down to a respectable level at 10pm. This is a City of Calgary by law regarding noise. Failure to do so may mean a bylaw police is called out and you will lose damage deposit as they have to inform the manager.

  • Can I cook?

Unfortunately, no. We do not have a commercial kitchen. You can reheat cooked food in our stove and reheat soup or sauce, but not use any oils or sprays.  There is a microwave to reheat cooked food as well. 

  • Do you supply plates/cups/utensils/Coffee pots?

We do have a section of items. Please ask what we carry. We have 1 coffee maker – no filters that you are welcome to use and clean after. It holds 30 cups. At this time, we do not have teapots.

  • Can we store items in the fridge during our event?

Absolutely. As long as you make sure to take all food and drinks with you when you leave. We deduct from the damage deposit should the cleaners have to clean out the fridge. 

  • Can we (organisation) have a sleepover in the facility?

This is something we would have to view on a case by case basis and be agreed upon by the board.

  • Do you allow pets or petting zoos for parties?

We are not allowed pets in our facility unless they are for support. Petting zoos would have to be approved by the facility manager. No snakes, birds or spiders allowed. If having a pony ride, please obtain approval when discussing. Only outside rides are allowed and at a location provided.

To make a reservation or an enquiry contact Abi Harker at: or call: (403) 289-0859. please note: calls are monitored on Monday and Friday. for a faster reply, contact by email.

These FAQs are continually being updated. We would love to have your feedback on anything you think might be needed or missing.